The following analysis is a review of the MI Medical Marijuana Act. To download the entire pdf (5mb) click on the first link, or click on individual items in the table of contents to download and review each individually.

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Table of Contents

Biography of Phillip K. Yeager

  1. Legal Analysis of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act (Homeowners Policy)

  2. People v Larry Steven King – Court of Appeals Docket No. 294682, Released for Publication February 3, 2011 (Currently pending before the Michigan Supreme Court)

  3. Casias v Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (USDC – Western District of Michigan, Case No. 1:10-cv-00781

  4. Attorney General Opinion No. 7258 – Medical Marijuana Act prohibits the collective growing or sharing of marijuana plants

  5. People v Reed (Court of Appeals Case No. 296686, Released for Publication July 30, 2011

  6. State of Michigan v McQueen, Court of Appeals Docket No. 301951, Released for Publication August 23, 2011

  7. Summary of Michigan Court of Appeals Opinion in Barr v Farm Bureau General Insurance Co., Court of Appeals Case No. 293737, Released for publication April 26, 2011

  8. Barr v Farm Bureau General Insurance Co., Court of Appeals Case No. 293737, Released for Publication April 26, 2011

  9. Selected portions of NFPA 921 – 2011 Edition

  10. Georgia Fire Investigators Association resolution regarding Chapter 18 of NFPA 921 (2011 Edition); excellent summary of Chapter 18 ofNFPA 921 (2011 Edition) authored by Attorney Mark T. Dietrichs of the law firm Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP

  11. Smith v Allstate Insurance Co., 2006 Wl 3833533 (S.D. Ohio) December 29, 2006), Negative Corpus Methodology Accepted.

  12. Presentation to the International Symposium on Fire Investigation, Science & Technology entitled “The Pitfalls, Perils and Reasoning Fallacies of Determining the Fire Cause in the Absence of Proof”: The Negative Corpus Methodology, Dennis W. Smith, CFEI, B.A., B.Sc., A.Sc. of Kodiac Fire & Safety Consulting, USA (2006)